The world needs problem solvers. To understand what the world needs and how you can contribute, one needs exposure to a world of information and the experiences of others that came before. Accredited education institutions such as Signa are the vessels through which curious individuals can develop their skills and enhance their education.

With an education, you can explore alternative dreams and a world of opportunities. Education not only brings about personal growth and development, but it also contributes towards an improved self-esteem and confidence as it increases the chances of economic sustainability. Therefore, education helps develop self-worth, personal pride, and a sense of dignity for yourself, your family and community as you become empowered to solve problems and sustain your livelihood.



Everyone needs the opportunity to develop an understanding of the skills that drive sustained employment and economic growth.

At Signa, we believe in the potential of our students to become the next generation of leaders who learn from their experiences and embrace challenges. Our Signa accredited ICB programmes, method of rolling admissions, and delivery of frequent classes help many school-leavers and employees overcome their challenges by obtaining an in-demand business qualification. No matter what your ambitions, passions and career dreams are, we have a business course that can help you bring it to fruition.

We look forward to welcoming you as a student at Signa.